Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let me in the sound

Song: “Fez – Being Born”
Scripture: John 1: 1-8

  Begins with ambience. Begins with chant. We move and sway. “Let me in the sound” reminds us of African-American author Toni Morrison’s paraphrase of John’s gospel prologue, when she writes “In the beginning was the sound.” Bono takes us to Africa to get interspiritual, to get sonic collage, to get open air, to get born. Are we not “A speeding head, a speeding heart” needing slow down, craving restart? But Bono sings, “I’m being born, a bleeding start.” God gifts us with birth and rebirth, but always blood, from delivery room to everyday Calvary to empty Tomb. U2’s traditional rock chimes and twinkles take us to church.

Pray: God, grant us today open ears and open hearts. Let us in Your sound! Let us get swallowed in the sonic beauty of aural creation! Burn away our postmodern anxiety and ambitious fear. “African sun at last”; at last, let us bask in the sun and accept the grace of the Son, Your greatest sacred pun. Amen.